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Extended: You get 25 PRE for Sign up + 25 PRE for every ref. 1 PRE ~0.15$
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Extended: You get 25 PRE for Sign up + 25 PRE for every referral
1 PRE ~0.15$ -already on coinmarketcap-

Sign up for Presearch here

When you search, you’ll be rewarded with PRE crypto tokens.
You will earn 0.25 PRE tokens per search, up to 32 searches per day (8 PRE tokens).

Check out Presearch, a new crypto project that is taking on Google with its next-generation search engine.
Join using my link and earn 25 extra PRE tokens!

PRE is traded on #HitBTC #CoinExchange #YoBit
Great article about Presearch: "8 reasons PRE is brilliant for every crypto portfolio"
"Presearch is excited to announce that the PRE token is now supported in the Coinomi wallet, enabling more than 1.5M users to store and transfer their Presearch tokens."

Read here
Privacy Expert Dylan Curran Talks About Advertising's Future With Data, Search

In May, he joined the community-driven decentralized search engine,, as an advisory board member to ensure the company works in a “morally and ethical manner.”

Read article here

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