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[Airdrop]XMC The World 1st Global Medical Blockchain - Telegram AirDrop
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XMED Chain

The World 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform

XMC utilizes blockchain’s advantages of decentralization consensus, credibility, immutability, transparency, mutual supervision and secrecy. Storing personal medical data in to blockchain after eliminated privacy information. XMC also utilizes AI and big data to analyze and provide tailored advices of global medical services.

How do you get the airdrop for XMC?

1.   Join and stay in the XMC telegram group
2.   Fill this google form: Form

For any questions, please contact our admins on Telegram @dannyclub @Beckytwlo

10 XMC token per valid participant

1. Only one reward per Telegram user, joining with multiple accounts is not allowed.
2. You must be active in the XMC Official Telegram group.
3. Helping the new members in the XMC Official telegram group.
4. Spam, abuse and insults participants will be banned.
5. Only first 3,000 participants are allowed.

Note : The token will only be distributed after the end of ICO sale. You have to stay in the telegram until the token distribution.

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