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[suspicious] torcash dev hacked other's btt account?
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It looks like the torcash dev hacked a Full Member account of bitcoin talk forum to release the [ANN] thread. It's quite wired. So far the torcash website is still running normally. Dev mentioned in github that they were working with the Anti-Virus issue, so the compiled wallet software is not available so far. The original sourced code of the wallet can still be downloaded. 


Link to the thread:
Moreover, their website - claiming that the team is being "attacked", not only on Bitcointalk but also on their GitHub repo.

Just in case, I attached an archive of their website.

According to the replies of the Bitcointalk announcement thread, many has suffered from the malware comes with TorCash wallet. Hope those with the ability to audit the code can take a look at their github source code.

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