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Rules for publishing a scam alert thread
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As we know that the definition of a scam might be quite subjective, so please always give a warning level as the following recommendations:

[subtle] : weak evidences to prove that one project might be a scam, like signature bounty is not paid properly and dev refuses to explain, or the progress is much slower than road map mentioned.

[suspicious]: strong evidences to prove that one project is possible a scam, like project dev is not active for a long time, no source code or smart contract released, or no intention to fix bugs.

[scam]: Obvious evidences like the dev team members are fake, the dev hosted other scam project before, asking for private keys, fishing link et al.

Warning level can be changed with time, like if a suspicious project dev just deletes the official website and social media, then it will for sure updating as a scam.

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