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[HOT] VinDAX Exchange Airdrop 50 VD (Already on Exchange) Do not mi
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VinDAX is The Cryptocurrency Exchange Foundation using the tools and resources that can increase traders and investors' profit potential, performance and understandings.

VinDAX is airdropping a total of 2,000,000 VD coins to their community members. Create an account at VinDAX, complete the required social tasks to receive 50 VD coins. Also get 5 VD for every referral.

[Image: rrGiDk9.png]

Airdrop 50 VD

This Exchange airdrop is already trading and you can sell the tokens once you recieve them:

1)- Register on

2)- Confirm your email and pass KYC

3)- Go to "Airdrop", scroll down and click on "I already done this" and do simple tasks.

congratulations  50 VD
Q. How do I participate in the Airdrop?

A. You must create an account on the official site Then you must verify your KYC. Then you must complete the tasks of the Airdrop. You can find them. When your tasks are done, your Airdrop will be well recorded and reviewed. The time to approve Airdrop depends on the number of submissions we receive. Usually, can take 1 – 10 days or more.

Q. Why has my KYC not been approved?

A. The KYC verification is carried out by sending your information include:
- Last name
- First name
- Date of Birth
- Address
- Postal Code
- City
- Country
- Verify identity (Front and Back of ID
- Image of your face with a paper that says (VinDAX "Shipping date") Example: (VinDAX 20/04/2019).

Q. How do I know when I receive my reward?

A. Usually when your KYC is approved and your tasks too, VinDAX sends a message to your email with the results of your tasks and specifying that 50 points have been credited for conversion (1 Point = 1 VD). Or you can check it yourself by going to "Transaction History."

Q. When will I get the referral rewards?

A. Referral rewards are credited to your account when your referral completes and your assignments are approved. (You don’t need KYC for receive rewards per referral)

Q. When can I convert my points into VD coins?

A. - After completing all the tasks required, your points will be added to your account. When the Airdrop Program gets over, you can convert Point to VD (1 Point = 1 VD). Time for Point Convert is at 2:00 a.m. UTC on June 10th, 2019.

Q. How can I use the 2FA verification?

A. For users who do not have a good authenticator we recommend "" A very good authenticator in two steps easy to use 100% secure.

Q. I have problems to complete the KYC from the application. What do I do?

A. For those users who do not have access to a PC to perform tasks or checks, we also recommend the "Puffin Browser" application or a PC browser-like browser that gives you access to all the search functions as you navigate. from a PC but from your cell phone.

Q. I have lost or have problems with my two-factor authentication application. What do I do?

A. This problem is one of the most frequent day to day to solve it you should contact the VINDAX support via email: In your email, ask VinDAX support to reset 2FA for you then, you can install again by yourself. Follow this tip to help yourself the next time:

Q. What should I do if I can not activate my account when registering.

A. For those who has encountered the problem of inactivated account, please click one “Resend confirmmation email” to get the confirmation email again. Remember to check your mail box right after your click.

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