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Axonomy (AXON) Airdrop Ear 60 AXON~$ 42 “Good Project, Valuable, Recommended”
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Axonomy (AXON) Airdrop Ear 60 AXON~$ 42 “Good Project, Valuable, Recommended” 
Axonomy will allow institutions and individuals in the blockchain industry to participate in the funding of outstanding startups, obtain corresponding incentives through voting and witness their acceleration. The interaction between the funds, startups, and users should form a positive driving force for industry progression.

How to join?
1. Sign up to the Axonomy AirDrop platform
Note: Use the referral code “cBcKF2C-Z” to join axonomy community to receive 60 AXON 
2. Complete the KYC. You can also check KYC status in “Settings”.
3. Once the KYC approved, click “Vote” to browse through the projects and vote your favorite.
4. The voting steps comes after your documents have being approved.
5. Join Axonomy on Telegram:
6. Join Axonomy on Twitter:

Note: Share your referral link to earn more AXON tokens

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