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PANTHEON X - 60 XPN (~$2.5 + ref) “Great Project, Recommended” A project from Korea.
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PANTHEON X - 60 XPN (~$2.5 + ref)  4.3 / 5 (100% Real) “Great Project, Highly Recommended”
PANTHEON X was inspired by the 'Agora', the 'democratic communication hub' of Greece. PANTHEON X, a decentralized financial investment platform, is aiming for an equitable democratic consensus ecosystem like the ancient Greek democratic political culture. 
Transactions of Crypto financial instruments registered on the PANTHEON X platform are transparently displayed in the Blockchain. Unlike traditional traditional financial institutions, participants will be able to see how their assets operate and whether their assets are preserved properly and honestly. Investors will be able to check the managers' investment records and decide for themselves which manager will take care of their valuable assets. 
The project is from Korea.  

Here is how to get started: 
Start the Telegram Bot and follow the instruction:

Airdrop Details:
1.Join their Telegram group.
2.Download and register an account on CoinUs Wallet App from Android or iOS 
3.Create an Ethereum Card in the App and copy the public adress.
4.Submit the public adress to the BOT to complete the Airdrop.
Note: Share your referral link to earn another 10 XPN per referral.

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