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Just Legit Airdrops [Updating]
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*Note: These airdrops from |
If you see an airdrop here, that means its avaliable.
Flame Token is a token built at the epicenter of the adult world. When you register you will get 63 (3,15$) tokens and 172 (8,6$) tokens for your refers.
They are working on blockchain based Solar Energy Ecosystem. Exchange listing will be on 2019 Q1.
1 SRX = 0.05$
1 REFERRAL = 80 SRX = 4$
Suchapp organizing new airdrop contest. You can win 15250 stakes with you actions and 1000 stakes for your referrals.
QuarkChain is already in exchanges. The token is in first 100. QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS.
1) Register for the QuarkChain Airdrop. ->
2) Verify your mail & login to your account..
3) Join QuarkChain on Telegram. ->
4) Share your referral link to earn an 50 Stakes for every referral.
Encrybit is an exchange company from Hong Kong. There will be ICO on February-April 2019. Team and company is verified ( They are making 2 airdrops.
1) Go Airdrop Page. ->
2) Sing up with e-mail and ETH adress.
3) Verify your e-mail.
4) Complete tasks to get 43 ENCX (8,6$). (Every point is 1 token. If you done all tasks you will get extra 10 ENCX.)
5) Get 2 ENCX per referrals.
6) Everyweek, they have random giveaway 20 Ripple to 35+ points users.
Refer people to exchange to get 10 ENCX (2$) and 3% comission from them
Ironx is an exchange market which is partnertship with Cardano (ADA) coin. They'll have their own coin and they are making airdrop. You will get 10 IRX = 4.20 USD
1) Register on IronX's Website ->
2) Join IronX's Telegram Channel. ->
3) Add your Telegram name at your dashboard. ->
4) Fill the IronX's Airdrop Form. ->
Crowdvilla will revolutionise the time-sharing model in real estate. As a community, we will have access to shared holiday homes that we can own and enjoy.
Easily earn 100 CRV tokens plus 30 CRV tokens bonus, for a total of 130 CRV tokens ($10.4). Earn extra 20 CRV ($1.6) per referral (unlimited). Tokens are already on exchanges!
Space.Cloud.Unit is going to develop the first Blockchain-based cloud marketplace and through this follows big sharing economy companies. Unit is not only having a big goal but also gets a heavy backup from the Powerfolder company, with 10 years of experience in the development of cloud-storage solutions.
Follow their telegram channel and get 100 SCU (18$), also you will get 30 SCU (5.4$) per your referrals. Start airdrop bot, follow channel and write your eth address.
Oodlebit Exchange will launch very soon. They make their last airdrop. Start airdrop bot; register and join telegram channel to get 40 OODL (20$). You can follow twitter account to get extra 10 OODL (5$).
Also you can get more from "Complete actions" section. You will get 10 OODL (5$) per your referrals.
Bcedex Exchange will finish token sale and distribute tokens at 31 March 2019. They make easy airdrop with telegram, twitter and facebook tasks. You'll get 12000 BCDX (12$) and 4000 BCDX (4$) per your referrals. If you register with referral, you'll get extra 2000 BCDX (2$).



Venus is a decentralized social networking site. Trusted advisor Boris Otonicar is with Venus. ICO will finish on 31 January. You'll get 20 VNS (40$) per your referrals.


1) Go to bot, pass human test ->
2) Register with link.
3) Verify your e-mail.
4) Press Account>Profile from left frame on website. Copy your username to airdrop bot.
5) Click "Open Group Chat", join group and click "Refresh".
6) Follow their twitter and write your twitter username to bot.

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