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Coinfit Exchange FREE 1 ETH (ethereum)
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[Image: uqJ14PA.jpg]

Register Link:

✅ Confirm email
✅ Enable Google Authenticator or sms
✅ join telegram

Five awards will be distributed randomly with a maximum of 1ETH!

0.2ETH 0.4ETH 0.6ETH 0.8ETH 1ETH

How to get benefits?

1. Invite friends to register (screenshot of the reward obtained on the day)
2. Any transaction in CoinFit with unlimited amount (the screenshot on the day)
3. Invite three friends to join the telegram group (no screenshots required)

Participate in any one, that is, eligible to participate in the lottery, the group actively discuss or actively speak get higher winning probability!

Activity notes:
1. All the above three activities shall be verified by sending screenshots within the telegram group;
2. Randomly select one participating user every week by after 3 working days of the end of the week ;
3. Rewards will be distributed within 3 working days after the end of each cycle!

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