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PIVOT Airdrop & Bonus! 150,000,000 PVT and 500,000 USD for bonus airdrop now!
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Global Carnival For Pivoter

Pivot launches Project X to list on exchange. 150,000,000 PVT and 500,000 USD for bonus airdrop now! Global Carnival For Pivoter

In Oct.24th, the global leading crptocurrency community Pivot announces to officially launch the Project X to list on exchange and active the domain name of the international version of Pivot:

In Augest, Pivot launches the project to promote oversea market and becomes popular all over the world. Up to the end of October, the number of pivoters has broken through 2.5 million, all over 218countries and regions.

To celebrate this historical moment, Pivot will hold a global carnival for 15 days. 150,000,000 PVT and 500,000 USD will be airdroped as bonus !

Pivot, invested by Binance Labs and Huobi, is used by millions of crypto investors and is one of the largest and most successful cryptocurrency community. Join NOW the hottest crypto community.
They offer great promotional bonuses right now.

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Schedule: Dec.8th-Dec.17th(GMT+0)

Reward types

1. PVTP/BTC Prize Pool

a. For New Pivoter:
Free 199+299 PVTP Coupons (498 PVTP=4.98 uBTC).

b. For New Pivoters' Inviters:

Promote Commission (Up to 2% PVTP/BTC Commission).

Pivot is the world's largest digital currency investment and info exchange platform.

PVT is the native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the Pivot community.

PVTP is a token released by the Pivot for participating in Pivot Prediction Games ONLY (Exchange Rate:1 BTC=10,000,000 PVTP).

Here come 30 million of PVT daily bonus that lasts 10 days and PVTP/BTC prize.

Start Earning Now!!!


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