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Becent Exchange like Coinex & Hitbtc - AIRDROP- 400 BCT ~0.1ETH
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[Image: gcdMi4j.png]

Airdrop Link :
only Register and verify mail 
Reward: 400 BCT (~0.1ETH)

12/9/2018  : Update : Please complete kyc to get free 400BCT
Invitation rules:

1. Newly registered users can get 400 BCT registration award. In addition, the invitor can get a bonus award after the registration of the invited friends (200 BCT/person). There's no upper limit.

2. After successful registration and identity authentication, the awards will be unlocked.

3. After your friends accept your invitation, every transaction fee generated by your friends will be rebated to you in certain proportion.

4. The rebate will be calculated on the day when transactions made, and returns to your account the next day as BCT.

5. Rebate = amount of actual transactions*commision charge percentage*rebate percentage*BCT exchange rate.

6. The inviter will enjoy 90 days of the rebate from friend's trans-fee from the moment when the invited friend signs up.

7. The platform will convert the involved currencies into BCT according to market price every hour. The amount of rebate is subject to the actual amount.

Any change of the event is subject to the updates of the platform. Becent reserves the right of interpretation.
12/9/2018 : Update : Please complete kyc to get free 400BCT

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