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INNERCORE Airdrop Earn 10,000 CORE - (~$45) “Good Project, Recommended” ? REMINDER.
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INNERCORE Airdrop Earn 10,000 CORE - (~$45) “Good Project, Recommended”   REMINDER................

Innercore is advancing application infrastructure by developing services designed exclusively for decentralized applications. Innercore's first and primary service is the corollary to traditional application hosting. However, it’s been reimagined and reengineered for the decentralized internet.

Claim your share of 15,000,000 CORES. A lot of (optional) social media tasks and a lot of CORES to claim.
Step by Step Guide:
1) Click here to go to the airdrop page:
2) Complete as much tasks as you can to earn more CORES
3) Share the referral link to receive more CORES
Note: During ICO the price is: 1 ETH = 100,000 CORES
DO NOT MISS.......

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