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New Bounty: Apollo [Final Round] Reward: 1800 APL ($90) + 400 APL per referral
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[Image: AMrxBXq.jpg]

New Airdrop: Apollo [Final Round] Reward: 1800 APL ($90) + 400 APL per referral

Airdrop Link:

Requirements: Telegram

1. Start the Apollo Telegram Bot
2. Join Telegram (Community Channel)
3. Join Telegram (News Channel)
4. Follow on Twitter
5. Like on Facebook

All tasks are optional and you can gain up to $90 worth of Apollo tokens for completing them all. Refer friends and receive an additional 400 tokens per referral. Further instructions on submitting your address will be posted soon.

Additional Information
Apollo currency is the world's first all-in-one cryptocurrency incorporating every useful feature utilized in top-tier currencies and combining those with unmatched privacy, all in a single decentralized platform.

We believe Apollo has a great shot at being one of the top 20 currencies. It has enormous potential in many capacities. For one it includes the option for private or public transactions. All of the largest privacy coins in the market do not include a public transaction option, this is critical for mass adoption. Apollo has brought features that have previously only been available outside of the private market. Apart from being a potentially major player in the token/ICO market (They will have a smart contract and side chain system like Ethereum).

Massive Airdrop ! !!

Join the Apollo bounty and earn up to 3000 APL for completing simple tasks and 1000 APL more for referrals

Start Apollo Telegram Bot:

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