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Airdrop Service [Web+Telegram+Twitter] - godisone - 02-05-2019


I am selling my airdrop service cuz I need some cash.

Web: [We can transfer domain with password/use domain transfer selling service/escrow]
Telegram: [480 Members]
Twitter: [250 Followers] (You have to promise me to do not unfollow anybody, cuz I'll get airdrops)

Price is only 1 ETH [We can negotiate a little].

You can contact me via telegram (@kripto_admin) or e-mail

RE: Airdrop Service [Web+Telegram+Twitter] - godisone - 02-08-2019

Guys I made %50 discount. Price is 1 ETH

RE: Airdrop Service [Web+Telegram+Twitter] - godisone - 02-24-2019